Wrapping With Buttons, Newspaper, Flatware And More

Wrapping With Buttons, Newspaper, Flatware And More

Wrapping doesn’t have to be done with wrapping paper that everybody has bought from a stand in the market or in your local grocery store. Why not do something completely different and be inspired by the various ideas that are out there. Some would go so far as to say that wrapping is a veritable work of art and for good reason. However, this is an art that all of us can learn.

Gift Wrapping With Buttons

Buttons are a fantastic tool for making interesting gift wrap packages, as demonstrated by Craft & Creativity.

Buttons can be so pretty and why not use them for a gift wrapping out of the ordinary? I got the idea from a picture I saw over at Blank Supplies, an Australian online store with inspirational images and DIY’s. It’s not difficult at all. I hope my 1-2-3 pictures above are relatively self-explanatory.

Get some really plain wrapping paper, such as brown paper. Get a piece of string that matches the theme of the celebration for which you are giving a present. For instance, red and white works really well for Christmas, particularly with a green button. Simply pass the string through two of the button holes over the long side of the present, twist it and pass it through the other two button holes on the narrow side and tie in a bow. That is all there is to it and is probably one of the easiest ways of wrapping you have ever seen.

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Wrap and Newspaper

Another great option is to use kraft wrap with newspaper, as was developed by Michaella Strange. Using the good old kraft paper and giving it a little twist with the the scallop edge. All you need is kraft paper, newspaper, jute twine, ribbon, a scallop edge punch, a circle cutter and some letter charms. Simply wrap your presents in the newspaper, and put a line of kraft paper over this, making a line with the scallop edge along the present, tie a twine beneath that, attaching the letter (preferably one that matches the recipient’s initials of course).

Gift Wrapping Vintage Style with Flatware

button gift wrap

button gift wrap (Photo credit: kiwikewlio)

There are fantastic ways to really create original gift wraps, such as vintage wraps with flatware. This idea was developed by Anne Eastick.

You can use vintage flatware to adorn gifts. I think this is printed wrapping paper, but what about using a lovely vintage textile to wrap a small gift. Your wrapping then becomes a gift itself!

Best of all, you don’t actually have to use vintage flatware (that is really expensive). It is about making the flatware look old. Plus, if you use some white sticker sheets and cut these in the shape of the cutlery (particularly the spoons and knives are good for this) and write the recipient’s name on them. This type of wrapping can be used for various occasions. It looks great for Christmas, but is also a fantastic way of giving a wedding present. This is particularly true if the wedded couple have requested silverware from their guests, because the wrapping then becomes a gift as well.

Wrapping with Brown Paper and String

You also have the option of just keeping it simple. We are always so tempted to get elaborate paper or elaborate and ornate decorations to make the presents stand out. But have you ever thought that things sometimes stand out by their simplicity? Whatever the occasion is, Christmas, a birth, a wedding, a birthday, it is likely that the place where you will bring your gift to is covered in decorations. So would your gift not stand out more if it is decorated very simply, in nothing but some brown paper and string? This is an idea developed by Kirsty Anderson, and it really seems to be catching on.

Here is what you need: 1 roll of brown packaging wrap; bakers twine; 1 gift tag; alphabet stamps; ink pad; scissors; tape.

All you do is simply wrap your presents in the brown paper or kraft paper. Then put a piece of baker’s twine around it (you could use a colored twine if you want to make it a little bit more special) and then stamp the name of the recipient along the side of the present. This is an incredibly fun way of wrapping something that is truly unusual. Your gift will truly stand out from the crowd, and not like a sore thumb because your paper clashes with the other cacophony of colors that is on the gift table. It will be like a breath of fresh air!

These are but some of the ideas that you could use to wrap your next present. There are many others available and you would be surprised at the amount of materials you have right at home. You can wrap with towels, for instance, or old pieces of fabric. You could stick old jeans pockets on the front of your package and put the birthday card in there. The ideas truly are endless!

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