Wrap Your Gifts In Meat!

Wrap Your Gifts In Meat!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Wrapping your gifts in meat… But since Lady Gaga donned a dress made of nothing but meat, we seem to have gotten fascinated with all things raw and slightly bloody. The interesting thing is that nobody really knew what this iconic meat dress actually meant. Was she trying to make a statement or was she just being a bit, as her name suggests, gaga? Theories are rife and there seems to be no clear-cut answer.

The dress has invoked the fury of animal rights group Peta, as well as accusations that it could not surely have been made of real meat (Gaga insists it was). But the garment has also provoked a flurry of head-scratching from pundits attempting to work out what it means. Is it a defiant feminist gesture? An artistic statement? A commentary on the fashion world? All of these, or none of them?

It is now widely accepted that the dress means one of the following things. It could be a statement against fashion, it could be a feminist statement, it could be Gaga’s views on aging, it could point to how hypocritical we are towards meat or it could be nothing at all. However, what we do know for sure is that it is the most talked about dress ever and that is has had repercussions everywhere.

Although nobody else has been seen wearing a meat dress (yet), we do see that the fashion industry has suddenly changed towards making more animal friendly pictures. Rather than using animal skin or prints thereof, for instance, they are selling t-shirts with prints of the actual live animal. But, interestingly enough, it seems that the place that Gaga’s dress has left the biggest impression is in the gift wrapping industry.

Steak Wrapping Paper

The first thing that has to be mentioned is that this wrapping paper isn’t actually made out of meat. Instead, they are made out of paper that looks just like the real thing.

When cheeseburger wrapping paper just isn’t sophisticated enough for your gift-wrapping needs, you might want to start covering those presents in some steak. Brought to us by Gift Couture, the same maker of Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper, comes The Steak Set.

As you can see, this isn’t the first food-based wrapping paper, since the same company also developed the cheeseburger wrapping paper, which was a huge hit. But when Gaga shows up in a steak dress, you just know it is time to switch your tactics and move on to a new type of food item.

The best thing about this paper, however, is that it looks so incredibly realistic. This is one of the reasons why this new invention is flying off the shelves, because everybody wants to have the opportunity to really trick their friends.

Just imagine the look on people’s faces when you hand them a huge, chunk of meat packed in styro and cellophane. They’ll say the obligatory “thank you’s” but it’ll take them a while to process the fact that you just gave them the present of raw meat.

To make it even more realistic, you could put your present in one of those trays with some plastic over it, or perhaps wrap it in some brown paper with a piece of string, leaving the “meat” to stick out just above it. Presents are supposed to be fun and fun is exactly what this new wrapping paper delivers. It is perhaps not entirely suitable for a Christmas present, but for anything else, it could do – if you dare that is! People have taken this really far, leaving meat wrapped presents on the gift table at weddings or high society birthday parties, which has really turned a few heads.

Gift Couture, the company that has developed this fantastic new idea, as well as the cheeseburger wrapping paper, has added a few optional extras as well. For just a little bit extra money, you can make the gift look even more realistic.

The standard set is $15 for two sheets of steak paper and one piece of cutting board paper, and the grade A set also comes with butcher paper, a meat tray, gift tags and twine for $5 more.

But what are you showing people when you give them the gift of meat? Are you being funny, are you making a statement, are you just out of other types of wrapping paper? Just like Lady Gaga’s dress, you will leave everybody guessing. For instance, Lady Gaga stated that her meat dress was, in part, a statement against the homophobic attitude that many Americans still have. Could you turn it into something similar? Or perhaps your friends are vegetarians and you want to make it really clear that you feel humans are omnivores and should act in that way?

You can take the meat wrapping paper anywhere you want. For instance, you could use it to wrap an actual piece of meat if you are invited to a barbeque. You could wrap some vegetables in it for those vegetarian friends you are trying to annoy a little with your omnivorous beliefs. You could wrap a gold ring in it, if you like to tease your other half that she is just a “piece of meat” (be careful with that one, she might just throw the ring back at you). Anything is possible, and some of the things people have done with the cheeseburger wrapping paper.

Wrap your gifts in these ultra realistic cheeseburger wrapping papers and watch as your gift recipients start to water at the mouth. Featuring bun, meat patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomato wrapping paper, this unique set will make your gifts stand out even more.

Of course, the meat wrapping paper is far superior. This is because to make the cheeseburger wrapping paper work, you will need to give quite a few gifts. One of the bottom bun, one for the patty, another for the cheese and yet another for the lettuce and so on. Great idea if you are with a group of friends, but otherwise an expensive affair!

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