Storage Units And Organization For All Those Little Must Haves

Storage Units And Organization For All Those Little Must Haves

There are two big problems with living in today’s society. The first is that there are so many nice things that we can buy that we end up creating entire collections of things that are simple “must haves”. The second problem is that we generally don’t have sufficient space to put all these things we own, need or simply want. Storage and organization of all your must haves has to be quite ingenious. Not only does it have to be functional and practical, it also has to fit with the overall interior decor of our property. Let’s take a look at some amazing ideas to help you.

Medicine Cabinets with Stick on Pods

Everybody has a medicine cabinet, but most people find that they can’t get enough in them. Not just that, you end up having to dig really deeply towards the back of the shelves to get to what you are after. Instead, why not use stick on pods, allowing you to store not just your medicine, but also your make-up and toiletries?

The clear high quality plastic containers adhere to the inside of your wood medicine cabinet door or any hard flat surface using a non-residue adhesive. StickOnPods provide a great way to organize your make-up, brushes, nail polish, eye liners, lip sticks, Q-Tips, tooth brushes and much more. StickOnPods are easy to apply and help to organize and display your personal items. StickOnPods are perfect to store the little things in life. Open up to a new storage possibility with StickOnPods.

Wine Racks and Cups

Wine racks can generally be picked up for just a few bucks from a variety of stores, particularly thrift stores, if you don’t already have one. Most people also have a huge range of cups and glasses at home that they don’t use anymore. With these two items, you can create a fantastic storage system for your art supplies.

I hated having to put the markers back in the containers they came in everytime I used them. […] I’ve got a great storage system that I love and has plenty of space for more markers! […] To secure the cups to the racks, I drilled 2 really small holes in the bottom of each cup and then wired the cups to the back of the rack.

Out of the Way Storage

Out of the way storage is perfect for things that are of weird shapes and sizes, such as wrapping paper. We all have rolls and rolls of it lying about in our homes, yet we continuously buy more rolls because we don’t know where we left the last one. Due to their cumbersome size, we can’t just put them in a drawer. Luckily, there are great out of the way storage options for wrapping paper out there.

Propping up rolls of gift wrap in the corner of a hall closet often means wrinkled, torn or lost rolls. Here’s a way to keep the rolls neatly organized and easy to reach. Make a wrapping paper “corral” by screwing a small section of wire closet shelving vertically to the side of a closet wall. Just slide the rolls in and out of the corral-they won’t tumble over or get lost behind the coats.

Another option is to use carrier bag holders. Again, these can be picked up for next to nothing from most stores and they can be put in places where you wouldn’t be able to store anything else, such as the inside of a cupboard. They are also perfect for storing wrapping paper.

Carrier bag holders to store wrapping paper

Each holder can generally contain three or four rolls, which just goes to show how many you can keep. Simply attach the holders to the back of a large door, such as the cupboard under the stairs, and you’re good to go.

Egg Cartons

Egg cartons also make for great storage ideas. Once upon a time, young kids would attach them to the wall to make funny patterns. However, due to fire hazards, this had to be given up on. However, this doesn’t mean you should put egg cartons in your recycling straight away (although you can put them in your compost), but rather use them for such things as storing a sewing kit.

Visit a local farm stand for a vintage-looking egg carton, and store all your sewing basics in one lightweight, portable kit. Step 1: Cut a piece of material, such as ticking or gingham, the size of the egg carton’s lid. Make the safety-pin cushion (see further instructions below), and hot glue the fabric to the carton. Cross-stitch the elastic to the fabric to hold sewing scissors; try Gingher’s. Make the pin cushion and set in carton. Fill the carton with sewing notion. Step 2: Create a place to hold your sewing scissors. Cut a piece of elastic 1 1/2 inches wide, and cross-stitch it to the fabric. Step 3: Make a pin cushion. Ball up batting. Wrap a piece of fabric tightly around the batting, and stitch the fabric closed. Step 4: Make a safety-pin cushion. Cut batting to fit the right half of the carton’s lid. Place batting under the fabric, creating a cushion to use for safety pins.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are perfect for little things like ribbons. Not only can a single jar hold quite a lot of ribbons, but they also look really cool. You could, for instance, use one jar for each shade, thereby keeping all your colors together as well. It is an easy way to store your items and it won’t cost you much either, as you can find glass jars in various cheap places.

I store all my ribbon in glass containers that sit on one of my shelving units. Each piece of ribbon is wrapped around a wide popsicle stick.

Considering one jar can easily hold about 30 Popsicle sticks with ribbons, it demonstrates just how much you could get in a single jar. The majority of people will only need one or two jars to store all their items.

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