Ryan Lee I Built It Foundation –  Bringing Entrepreneurship to Schools and Communities is Officially Launched!

Ryan Lee I Built It Foundation – Bringing Entrepreneurship to Schools and Communities is Officially Launched!

The brand new I Built It Foundation by Ryan Lee is up, running and off to an incredible start on Indiegogo, already achieving it’s crowd funding goals in a matter of days. The foundation is achieving this incredible success by doing three simple things, bringing, giving and sharing education about entrepreneurship to disadvantaged kids. Ryan truly believes entrepreneurs can change the world and he is out to prove it.

How The Ryan Lee I Built It Foundation Came To Be

I Built It Foundation - Founder Ryan Lee

I Built It Foundation – Founder Ryan Lee

If you don’t know his story, Ryan Lee is an incredible self made success story and a huge name in the internet marketing world, but his beginnings were quite humble. About twelve years ago Ryan was working in one of the toughest areas of the South Bronx called Hunts Point. His expertise was in the Health and Physical Education field, his school at the time was an alternative school, his mission – teaching at risk teens. It was here he was able to directly see and feel the impact he could make in young peoples lives. Making a difference simply by inspiring these kids to think about other options in life. Not just necessarily getting a job with benefits but to actually go out and create something for themselves. By giving the gift of inspiration to his students, this only propelled Ryan further and further down his own road to success. Starting his own business on the side, Ryan eventually left the school and began teaching hundreds of thousands aspiring entrepreneurs around the world via the internet, the same basic principals of success he taught those kids. Never forgetting where he came from. Always remembering one day he would return…. and return he has done in a massive way!

What The I Built It Foundation Is

Ryan’s foundation is a bridge to a different way of thinking. He is taking real world guest entrepreneurs “guestrepreneurs” and going beyond the schools. Providing not only live in school sessions, online classes and much, much more. Focusing heavily on teaching today’s youth about businesses with low start up costs, specifically digital businesses that can take advantage of technology . The foundation strips away the myths that one needs to be heavily funded with venture capital and massive connections and just gets down to the basics. You need to not only work hard but you also need to work smart. By introducing these youths to entrepreneurs and educating them about real world entrepreneurship , not just theories from textbooks, the goal is to teach these young future leaders is three fold:

1.  that it can be done ,
2.  provides the educational tools to do it,
3.  and the inspiration needed for these young entrepreneurs to take control of their future.

How You Can Help Ryan Lee and The I Built It Foundation

It’s easy. If you are not familiar with crowd funding its a great way for a lot of people to make a big impact with just a small investment. Ryan wisely chose Indiegogo for this platform and the link to his (BUNDY link here — I Built It Foundation is right here.) http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bringing-entrepreneurship-to-schools-and-communities-i-built-it-foundation–2

You can also watch Ryan Lee explain the I Built It Foundation himself here.


For an in depth look at a conversation about the impact this will have, watch this Google+ Hangout Video hosted by John Paduchak here




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