Parking Near the NY NOW International Gift Fair – August 15 19 , 2015

Parking Near the NY NOW International Gift Fair – August 15 19 , 2015

Parking for NY NOW Gift Fair

Parking garage that I parked at for the NY NOW Gift Fair.

Parking Near the NY NOW International Gift Fair just got easier

Over 35,000 people attended last years New York International Gift Fair, (renamed “NY NOW, the Market for Home & Lifestyle!”) Man, that’s a lot of people!! Many of them came by plane, a bunch by trains and buses, but surely quite a few came by car.  Parking your car in New York City can be way expensive.

Pick the wrong lot and you can get burned for more than $60 per day!  So how does the aspiring entrepreneur with limited funds park by the day, as inexpensively as possible and save a few bucks?

A helpful tip to consider, just try parking your car a little further away.

Simple Really… if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a 20 minute walk, through beautiful streets in a beautiful city, to get yourself ready for a brisk day of business, this is the tip for you.

What worked for me last year was I parked on West 45th St between 8th & 9th Ave.  By doing so I was only 7 blocks and 2 Avenues from the Jacob Javits Convention Center (only 0.8 miles see map below), and it was less than $20!  I’m an early guy which enabled me to miss all the rush hour traffic coming into Manhattan.  Around 7 AM I parked the car, reviewed my notes, checked my emails and took that beautiful stroll through some of the nicest real estate in the world! Along the way at one of the local deli’s on 9th Ave, I grabbed a fresh breakfast with two drinks, and threw it into my backpack, one for now, one for later… I figure I’m supporting the local and saving myself a dollar or two :)

The entire walk including the breakfast stop, took only about 25 minutes.

NY NOW officially opens up at 9 AM and I was at the convention center before 8:30.  I sat down on one of the many benches (some mornings inside, some morning outside) and just enjoyed my breakfast and people watching. Having no stress I called my wife and kids, gave them a great big good morning phone kiss and still was one of the first through the door, feeling energized yet relaxed knowing I had a great day ahead!

When I was done for the day I had a choice to get back to my car; Grab a cab or take the walk back.
What do you think you would do?

If your going to be at the show and would like to meet up, comment or connect with me.
Enjoy and Ciao for Now,

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Parking Info Map where I parked for NY NOW Gift Fair


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