Paper Filigree and Quilling Greeting Cards A Great Find at the NY NOW Show

Paper Filigree and Quilling Greeting Cards A Great Find at the NY NOW Show

Exquisite quilled gift cards made by quilling was a huge find for us at this years NYNOW (formally NYIGF) market for home and lifestyle show. Quilling, also known as Paper Filigree, Paper Rolling, Paper Scrolling or Mosaic is an art form of cutting and curling narrow strips of paper and laying them on edge to form intricate filigree designs. Remarkably this art form can be traced back to at least the 13th century!  Where the most commonly used paper were strips that were trimmed from the gilded edges of old manuscripts.  The paper was then curled around the bottom of of a feather (a quill) the common “pen of the day” creating the “quilled shapes”.

Quilling today
Today, this art form is enjoying a modern revival and a resurgence in popularity throughout the world and can be divided into four main Quilling Paper Types;

  • Acid-Free Quilling Paper – as the name implies the paper is acid free and assures your projects will last a lifetime.
  • Graduated Quilling Papers – an exceptional look the edge will have a solid color which fades to white gradually.
  • Two-Tone Quilling Papers – solid on both sides typically a lighter and darker shade of one color
  • Solid Colored Quilling Paper – solid color, same on both sides.

The art form has survived over the centuries, falling in and out of fashion. Thanks to the Internet e-groups and organizations such as The North American Quilling Guild (NAQG) members from around the globe can now communicate the art of quilling and ensure that its beauty is passed on to future generations. Quilling art work can be found on simply gift tags, cards, lock boxes, picture frames, cabinets, stands, ladies purses, coat of arms, storage boxes, scrapbooks,rubber stamping jewellery and many more.

Paper Filigree and Quilling Greeting Cards A Great Find at the NY NOW Show

Paper Filigree and Quilling Greeting Cards A Great Find at the NYNOW Show

Quilling at NYNOW
The NYNOW show  produced by GLM at the Jacob Javits Center NYC,  is a lways a treat and this year was no different. We adored the fact that we  had gotten the opportunity to interact and meet with so many bright and energetic people.  At the heart of this event there is truly a never ending flow of Entrepreneurs running some of the most fascinating, unique,companies all trying to ride the crest of the next wave of consumer products to fall in love with.  We’ve decided to do a blog spotlight series about some of our favorites. is one of them and the parent company is Yoder- Do.

They are truly a wonderful company and their slogan is “Renaissance Art Treasures for Today’s Customers”. We became acquainted with them at last year’s show and we were delighted to see them again this year. Run by Huong Nguyen Wolf, she literally has the one of the hottest trends you can find in the greeting card industry today. All of her cards are not made by a printer. They are made by hand! Because of this ancient art form  her cards are exquisite, intricate and like nothing you have seen before . And average card can use as much as 25 lineal feet of ribbon. The favorite quilled cards we saw in her display was the peacock. Just take a look at the details in the feather structure it’s literally unbelievable. Most important – they are affordable!!

We wish the best for our friend Huong and her company. Please keep in mind we will be offering you our dear reader an ever-expanding range of interesting and unique gift wrap and stationery products that we find through our travels.

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Remember everyday you get the gift of the present – Adam

p.s. for more info on quilling check out  North american quiling guild Quilling Guild Quilling Guild Supplies Link Page

Featured Image Source: quilling on canvas (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)

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