Organize Your Sleep – Stop Looking at the Clock!!

Organize Your Sleep – Stop Looking at the Clock!!

Organize Your Sleep – don’t look at the clock when you’re sleeping!

Sounds funny right? How would you look at the clock when you’re sleeping? Your eyes are supposed to be shut, your sleeping! But for so many people throughout the world sleeping is done with one eye open, the other always looking at the clock, calculating how much little time you have left to sleep. We’ve all been there . You got a big day lined up or a big week coming up and this bad habit seems natural because it happens to everybody”, so it must be normal Right?

Wrong! Looking at the clock when sleeping frustrates you!

Think about it…You wake up in the middle of the night. The very first thing you do is look at the clock. Why? The very next thing that happens is you become filled with disappointment. It doesn’t really matter when you wake up and look at the clock, what matters is most people do and say the same thing. You say to yourself “Ohh man! I only have an hour left to sleep, or 3 hours left to sleep, or 6 hours ,or 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter. It’s the same for everyone. What we do not realize is that we have conditioned ourselves to be disappointed in what ever the answer is. Whatever “sleep time” we have left, even if its several hours, we are still disappointed because its not more.

Recognizing Your Sleeping Problem!

A few years ago I recognized I was in this horrible mindset and I decided I didn’t like it. I thought about it long and hard looking for a way to break the cycle.. So I asked a question to myself – “OK Adam, your problem is you get disappointed every time you look at the clock, what should you do?”.MY answer was “Duh, don’t look at the clock, knucklehead!”.

And it made sense. I mean I’m sleeping right. It’s dark out. I can’t tell if it’s 11 p.m. or 3 a.m. The only way I know is by looking at the clock and confirming the time (leading to my disappointment)

Solving Your Bad Sleeping Habits

So I made a decision to not look at the clock. Easy right?


It wasn’t easy at all. At first I would just turn my head the other way and pretend the clock wasn’t there but my old habits kept on creeping out of me and eventually I would look. No good!

So the next step in my clock detox was to turn the clock around. Genius I thought that should do it…. NOT! Problem was when the clock was turned around, I started to doubt that I set the alarm properly. Now I’m keeping my eyes closed, grabbing the clock, feeling the buttons, all nervous and eventually to see the buttons I open my eyes – darn it!!

I now realized I needed to go a step further. I gotta take this clock detox process to an extreme!! So here is what I did. Before I got into bed I set the clock alarm. I double checked it (that a.m. p.m. thing can be so tricky) and then opened my night table draw,placed the clock inside, said “Goodnight Clock” and closed the draw . Now when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized more and more that the clock was in that drawer for a reason. Kind of like a lock on the fridge to prevent the late night snacking.

What began to happen was amazing . I really started to believe in what I was telling myself. It didn’t matter what time I woke up, I could tell myself that by not “really” knowing the time, I had all the time in the world to sleep. There was no pressure of an impending wake up deadline.
I became a happy sleeper :)

Better Sleeping Tips

Why do I share this as a great organizational tip or tool.

Sorry, but I have to ask you to think again… Your world is crazy! My world is crazy! Everybody’s world is crazy! No one has enough time, just ask the dead.

When you wake up after a BAD night sleep how do you feel? – How does your day typically go?
When you wake up after a GREAT night sleep, how do you feel? How does your day typically go?

Personally this clock detox has been really powerful for me. I feel it has given me an incredible advantage when I start my day. I’m no longer the guy who starts off his day complaining about not sleeping for the night. I don’t need 10 coffee’s. I’m not feeling lethargic, tired and under rested.

So in short to get a better nights sleep
• Don’t look at the clock after you go to sleep.
• Turn the clock around if you still have the urge to peak.
• Put the clock in the drawer is you have zero self control
• Get rid of the darn clock!

English: Sleeping baby boy

Organizer your sleeping habits tips from Wrap iT – The World’s Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer on how to sleep like a baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I’m excited to wake up in the morning. I do it with a bang, and a pop and a level of excitement that I haven’t had since I was a kid. My clock detox has worked so well that for almost 3 years now I don’t even keep a clock near the bed. I wake up naturally around 4 a.m. Drink a cold glass of water. Do a little exercise (and I do mean a little) take a shower and in my office happily around 5 a.m. All because I organized my sleep. Sweet Dreams are waiting for you too- good luck :)

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