Myachi, Sports for Kids, A Great Find at the NY NOW Show

Myachi, Sports for Kids, A Great Find at the NY NOW Show

Myachi is the coolest sports game for kids we found at this years NYNOW (formally NYIGF) market for home and lifestyle show. You may not know about if you’re over 40 but, if you have kids chances are they not only know about them, they want one!! Myachi has created not only a game but a super huge movement that is quickly becoming one of legendary sport games kids all over the country are scrambling to master.

The Company was created by Steven “Myachi Man” Ochs back in 1998 and according to him ‘Myachi has proven to be more than a fad. Myachi has truly become the evolution of the Hackey Sack”. It’s a game where anything goes and it’s a true combination of…get this… martial arts, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, Hackey Sack, frisbee and Yoyo..with one tiny rule. You can not use your palms – ever! It can be played solo or in a group where a Myachi – a small “rectangularish” “beanbagish” sac is tossed around. The truth is – tossed – is really the wrong adjective. These things become part of your body! Catching a Myachi is like catching an egg on the back of your hand, you have to absorb the impact. You don’t hit or bat at the Myachi, you catch it. Anyone can get the hang of it within minutes and this soft touch becomes addictive! From there the tricks start to flow! You control the tossing, balancing, caching and can learn all the maneuvers by from the “Myachi Masters”, whom you can meet in person by visiting them in NYC at FAO Schwarz or Toys R Us in Times Square. But if you’re not in New York, no worries, there are hundreds of instructional videos that are available to watch and practice along with on the Myachi YouTube Channel or on their DVD which is included for free in the Myachi double packs. This is Steve’s team of Myachi professional athletes that have created a series of signature moves, videos and a whole internet community revolving around one thing… The Myachi Movement!!

English: a green myachi original handsack

A green myachi original handsack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s the focus of their whole business. We all know it’s so tough today with all the electronic devices competing for our kids time – or even more important our kids health. “This game is loved by parents and kids alike because its non electric – no buttons – no batteries – just imagination. Attractive to 8 -12 year olds it gets and keeps kids moving, it gets these them exercising and parents also love it’s only 5 bucks”. says Jason “Kid Myachi” Loeffler

Myachi School Programs – Myachi Gym Programs

Steve and his team are so serious about the health benefits it provides, they’ve stepped up and put their time and effort behind their beliefs and created the Myachi Challenge Gym Program, a one of a kind experience led by a team of Myachi Masters. Designed for students 6 and up, the Myachi Challenge is a fun and interactive “alternative” gym class that will engage both boys and girls! Over a 1-2 day period, the Myachi Challenge will be the students physical education class. It begins with the students learning the inspirational story behind Myachi’s sucess; a story thats been featured on the Martha Stewart ShowCNBC, and the NYTimes.

The class is divided into two groups and the Myachi Masters provide instruction and getting each student engaged in the action and activity and it results in providing each student with a positive and lasting impact.

To get more information or have the Myachi Masters come to your kid’s school or even birthday party contact Myachi at The Myachi Masters are like Tony Hawk and Tony Robbins combined! The Myachi Challenge is an Extreme sports show and motivational workshop mashed together.

Super simple super fun, these guys rock! They get kids (mine included) healthy, active and participating in life. You gotta love it!! We wish the best for our friends Steve, Jason and the rest of the Myachi Masters to their continued success. Please keep on the look out for Myachi newly added Battle Paddles and Trick Gloves to their bag of tricks and expanding line of Myachi products to help beginners get started and let seasoned gamers take their skills and gameplay to the next level!

Keep in mind we are so happy to be sharing with you our dear reader an ever-expanding range of interesting and unique family fun activities along with gift wrap and stationery products that we find through our travels.

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PS Click HereTo find out more how your local school can be part of the Myachi Movement


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