Map The Things You Love, The Coolest Board on Pinterest?

Map The Things You Love, The Coolest Board on Pinterest?

Why Map The Things You Love by Wrapitgiftbag is the coolest Pinterest board out there!
Guest Post by Stacy Rawlins.

Best Map Board on Pinterest 2

Best Map Board on Pinterest 2

My name is Stacy Mayewski Rawlins and I’d like to say hello there to everyone out there J

I love, love, love Pinterest!!

I can only begin to explain to you the positive effects that this incredible social media tool has had on the the lives of my family!  It has been is such an incredibly friendly place and Pinterest has been a great research tool to have handy when we want to know about… well…..anything!!

When I say we can find anything on Pinterest, I really mean it! I cannot find a subject of interest that to me, that there is not a pin for.  You, I or anyone can literally find images and information on any subject we may want to know more of… or are  even remotely curious about.

Recipes to catering, kids crafts to sculpture, beauty tips to travel tips, Matchbox cars to Nascar the list goes on and on.

That’s really why I am really excited to be writing this blog post (it’s my first so be nice to me please J )

 My Love Affair with Pinterest,
The first second I saw Pinterest, it was love at first sight!! !!!

Now… I use pinterest on a regular (and by regular, I mean like CRAZY) basis. Daily for the last 3 months and counting.
When I first started Pinterest, a longtime buddy who had been on Pinterest for about a year Adam Levine… (no not the singer lol.)….gave me some pointers.
He was always talking about how much he loved Pinterest and was also using it for his business Wrap iT – Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

We would always talk about how fast Pinterest was growing and how cool it would be to get a real “kick a**” board up there that was unique and build a little community board……
Enter Pinterest Map Feature.

Best Map Board on Pinterest 3

Best Map Board on Pinterest 3

Adam sees this and immediately texts me in the morning

So I call.
He says “We gotta do a Map Board”
“Huh” I reply
“Pinterest, new feature, you’re going to love it, trust me!!! Check your email! I’ll call you back in 10” and he hung up.
So I did, and I got really excited by the Map feature info put out by pinterest – How Cool!

I get back on the phone with Adam and he begins to tell me in detail what he wants to do. Adam wants to make a Map board, but he wants to take it one giant step further. Instead of mapping out just one particular location….say a local neighborhood or a city, Adam says hey… let’s you and I map the whole world, Now that would be some board!!!

So I said “That would be awesome!!! YES!!!”
So we’ve begun.
We discussed how we wanted to map the board.
We discussed places in the world we wanted to travel to.
We discussed how we wanted to build it, and we discussed what we could do
to make our Map The Things You Love board the coolest Map board out there!!

It hasn’t been easy but currently we have just crossed over 600 pins on our Global Map check it out

Best and Coolest Map Board on Pinterest 1

Best and Coolest Map Board on Pinterest 1

What’s even cooler is we are happy to have created a community of pinners who not only share  pins but also go a step beyond and place them on our map, very accurately.

A few of our awesome pinners include
Stacy Rawlins
Shelli Wright
Heather Johnston
Donna Beebe
Anna Eberhart
Virginia C

If you are interested in joining our community just leave a comment on our most recent pin.

Okay ,so writing my first blog post was pretty fun!!
Next up, I will try to explain how to pin on to a map board so you too can make your own Map Board of the Places and Things You Love, and make it the Coolest Board on Pinterest ;D

Best Map Board on Pinterest 5

Best Map Board on Pinterest 5



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  1. heather johnston April 7, 2014 at 11:57 PM

    Hi Stacy I loved this!!! I love pinterest and what you wrote is so true, Pinterest has everything!! I’m so happy to be a part of this board as well as the community that is blossoming from it!! I look forward to future posts Stacy. Your Friend Heather 3

  2. Kellie Loges April 8, 2014 at 9:08 PM

    Stacy, Great post! Love pinning to this board with such great people.

  3. Diana April 17, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    Hi Stacy

    Id love to be included in this. Im a pinterest addict…..I suspect my family may disown me if I spend any more time on interest, and this project may just tip me over the edge……but its a risk Im willing to take.

    My pinterest profile is:

    I just left a message on the board, and am following both you and Adam Levine.