Man Wrap Paper – For The Gift Wrapping Man!

Man Wrap Paper – For The Gift Wrapping Man!

Men are notoriously bad at wrapping gifts so it comes as no surprise that there are entire lines of gift wrapping paper for men to make the task simplified. It isn’t entirely clear why this is, because men are often much better at manual work than women. There are more male production workers, more male engineers, more male builders and more male architects, for instance. Each of these roles requires an eye for detail and an ability to do things in a very precise manner. Perhaps it is the amount of multitasking that is required in order to be able to wrap a gift. First, they have to remember to buy a gift and then they have to find the wrapping paper, scissors and tapes. Once they have achieved all of this, it is likely that some other task has already caught their attention. Be that as it may, for women, men’s inability to wrap gifts properly has disastrous consequences. After all, nobody wants to wrap their own Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift! It seems, however, that Martin Grix, and inventive man from London, the United Kingdom, has come up with the solution: Man Wrap

Man Wrap’s Conception

Martin Grix was no stranger to men’s horrible attempts at wrapping gifts. Having seen some of the disastrous attempts they create, he decided it was time to lend a helping hand. He came up with the Men Wrap designed for all those men who have made tremendous faux pas during their wrapping history.

Designer Martin Grix, 39, said: “My brother actually wrapped my stuff up one year in bin bags and I have heard of men using kitchen foil. I wanted to make something you could quickly wrap and look nice, so I started trying to find a way to make it easier.

Understanding that his broth wasn’t the only man who was unable to wrap gifts, and that there was a real need for something better, both from the point of view of the wrappers of gifts who were really struggling, and of the receivers of gifts who really didn’t like what they were getting, he felt it was time to create a product that answered this clear need.

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Man Wrap Paper – For The Gift Wrapping Man! / Man carrying wrapped gifts (Photo credit: Nationaal Archief)

How the Man Wrap Works

The idea behind the man wrap is that an idiot could get away with it and still have a fantastically wrapped gift. In order to achieve this, Grix even made sure that there are instructions on the paper, so those who may somehow still struggle with this simple conception are able to use it.

Users simply roll out the paper-which is self adhesive and on a tube-put the gift in the middle, tear, and twist.

It really is that simple. It does mean, however, that man wrap is only really suitable for smaller gifts. However, men are expected to buy gifts only for women, and a good tip for anybody who is unaware of what to get for a woman: they tend to like things that come in small boxes (chocolates, rings, diamonds, earrings or any other form of jewellery).

How the Man Wrap Has Been Received

Man Wrap seems to be filling a real and genuine need. Even for those who were perhaps not adverse to a little bit of wrapping every once in a while should be able to use this easily and find that the time they would normally use wrapping gifts has been significantly reduced. However, the process has not been applauded in all gift wrappers.

It’s a bit like Marmite, people really like it or they don’t, but we have had some great feedback.

Why People Don’t Like Man Wrap

So how is it possible that there are some people who don’t like man wrap? Suggestions are that they are two classifications of people. The first are women or other gift receivers, who are outraged at the fact that men will now never have to learn to wrap a gift. Because the paper presently only comes in metallic blue with stars on, only one member of the family – the man – will be able to use this fantastic system. Perhaps there is an element of jealousy in there, with women feeling that their years and years of awesome gift wrapping has been ignored. They have never had it easy if wrapping, and they will continue to have to wrap the original way due to the lack of different designs.

The second group of “haters” are those men who feel that admitting they need Man Wrap is admitting they are incapable of doing something. Men certainly do struggle with admitting they need some help, with the role of the man having traditionally been to be the provider and the carer, not the one who is incapable of doing something. Admitting they need Man Wrap is equal to admitting they have a flaw and they would often rather use rubbish bags and kitchen towels than admit that.

Buying Man Wrap

At present, Man Wrap is only available from a single, UK-based, online store called the Monster Factory.

Man Up! Take the chore out of Christmas wrapping and enjoy more time doing the things you enjoy! ManWrap is the easy to use quality foil wrapping paper designed to make lives simpler, especially for the men in our lives who would no doubt rather be in the pub than wrapping gifts! Just roll out the amount you need for your gift then rip, grip and press – hey presto, job done!

However, Man Wrap is proving to be incredibly popular, at least amongst those men who can admit that they are incapable of wrapping a gift without this system. Grix is keen on expanding his gift wrapping empire and find other markets as well. Hopefully, the positive feedback he is been receiving over in the United Kingdom will allow him to shortly start delivering this type of system here as well.

Other suppliers are expressing an interest in the new system. It is hoped that it will soon be available in various other stores and countries. Also, if the product continues to be so popular, it may even be made available in different designs.

Featured Image Source: Christmas 2012: A Man’s Wrapping… (Photo credit: Tasayu Tasnaphun)
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