Jennifer Ford Berry’s New Book Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE Is An Organizers Dream!!

Jennifer Ford Berry’s New Book Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE Is An Organizers Dream!!

Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE by Jennifer Ford Berry and printed by Betterway Home, is incredibly easy to read, easy to follow, and beautifully laid out step by step yearlong journey providing the reader with tools to a achieve a more organized and clutter free lifestyle.

What the book is about,

Jennifer Ford Berry’s New Book Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE

Jennifer Ford Berry’s New Book Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE

Organizing our mind, time, stuff, health and safety and spirituality. With these 5 specific categories, she teaches us how to reclaim our lives the way we wish to live it.  An overriding theme throughout the book is learning to face our internal clutter as well as our external clutter.

Her book and her program is really about a life transformation we can all handle, even if we are the most un-organized people on the planet!

It’s rare but often powerful when we actually recognize that we as people look for comfort in distractions rather than face our own spiritual fulfillment.  Our programming tends to tune this out and we avoid it at all cost with the “I’ll do it later mentality”.  Luckily Jennifer’s’ book is the type of book that can change that for you.  By working on who we are and what we really want out of life, this makes us more clearly recognize what we “really” want, need and desire.

Most importantly this book can help us recognize what we do not want in our lives and the power to be able to say no to it.

Why you should read it,

I can’t put it as gracefully as the quote found in the foreword by Constantina Spiropolus, so let me quote her thoughts on Jennifer “She is an incredibly insightful and competent professional who can guide you to a more healthy and happier life”.  Pretty powerful and positive words right there J

The book starts off with a bang!  What is clutter?  As Jennifer points out, anybody can assume that it means a bunch of junk laying around your house, but what about your mental clutter.  What thoughts hold you back?

This is exactly what I enjoyed most, the attitude of how the book starts off.

Nobody wants to jump into the clutter pile in their own head, not even me!  But instead of making a list of all the things holding you back at the start, she warms you up and makes you think about a few key areas of your life.  Things like – You have to let go of your fear.  Keeping your vision.  Separating yourself from your possessions.  Setting some boundaries with limits.  Maintaining an organized house to help you with some deeper issues that can lead to a more organized life.

How Jennifer’s program works,

Jennifer's 52 week program to organize your life

Jennifer’s 52 week program to organize your life

Getting organized isn’t a onetime deal.  It’s really important to follow through and you need to condition yourself to just stick with it.  Whatever system works best for you – use your system every time. You’ll soon begin to realize this book is more than a just a book, this is really a super manual to navigate you through the world of clutter.  Jennifer has it all laid out for your yearlong transformation. It is broken down week by week, a total of 52.  Each week describes a specific topic you should work on to organize a small part of your life.  This makes it really simple, manageable and flexes your organizing muscles a bit at a time with no additional stress.  These are the “real deal” organizational skills and clear thought patterns you will need to reach your goals of living clutter free.

Within the pages there are areas you can write notes, lists of goals to be checked off and the coolest part is her – Stay Organized Checklists at the end of each week. These are her specific organizing exercises viewed in a long term. Giving you a bird’s eye view of how the task should look once a month, every 3 to 6 months and even once a year.  The five main categories she breaks down for us are as follows…….

  • Organize Your Mind

Do you ever feel like you have too much gone on your head? Guess what you’re not alone! We all have our own thought habits.  We’re always thinking about our life vision, our life priorities and our relationships.  With all that and more going on in our heads we are lucky to make it throughout the day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some guidelines that helped our abilities to focus? Set some rules for our thinking?  Improved not only our listening skills but our abilities to hold our own resolve?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just say NO sometimes!!!?  This is how the program really starts.  The first 17 weeks Jennifer goes deep into your mind and makes you think.  Thinking and organizing a little bit at a time are the key ingredients needed to get your priorities straight setting up your vision for the life you want to live!

  • Organize Your Time

    Jennifer's organizing tips

    Jennifer’s organizing tips

In the second phase, Jennifer introduces us to great ways to improve our time management skills.  Everybody lives a delicate balancing act from day to day juggling the time we have to spend.  Are we doing the things that are important to us?  Sometimes not so important to us?  Some people are just naturally better time managers than others but with Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter Free you’re able to quickly makes those tiny tweaks that make all the difference.  You’ll easily recognize how with minimal and incremental steps you can find that balance.  It’s basically like finding bonus hours in your day.  Actually being able to spend the time the way you want to spend it rather than your time spending you!

  • Organize Your Stuff

No matter how hard we all attempt organizing our stuff many of us still struggle.  “Can I really organize my ability to let go of stuff?” “Can I really clear out my space?”  Beginning week 28, these question and more are answered with laser focus as Jennifer gets deep here.  She really pushes you to recognize why it is so important that you have and maintain a nurturing an inspiring home.  How it is vital for your inner self to have and use tranquil spaces. Try to squeeze a little Feng Shui in your day to day operations.

If you’ve followed the plan correctly you really should have freed up a lot of your time.  Now you are 36 weeks into the program and by clearing out and organizing your mind, focusing on organizing your time, it certainly should make organizing your stuff a lot easier!  Time to get some of your priorities that you predetermined in earlier exercises into play and that’s the next section Jennifer covers.

  • Organize Your Health And Safety

Do you know more than one person that ever feels like their 100%?…. No!…..No one you know has the 100% best and healthiest eating habits or the best exercise plan or gets enough sleep.  We all want that.  We know these are all great goals to aspire to, but how do we get there?  The answer is… you’ve got to go back and make sure you got your stuff, your time and your mind organized which will allow you to focus. You can’t get to the end goal by skipping the foundational steps.   That is what is so great about this book.  Taken one week at a time anyone, even the most unorganized person in the world can do this program and achieve what goals are most important to them.  It’s not a magic pill and it’s not rocket science.  It’s just spending a few minutes each day, exercising your brain by thinking and following through with action.  Which brings Jennifer right into the final portion, the last five weeks of her yearlong journey with you.  Here she shows you how to

  • Organize Your Spirituality



Are you, am I, are we celebrating life and walking down the spiritual path that we yearn for?  Or are we being pushed from behind and dragged down a path we don’t want to go.   For me this was really the deepest part of the book.  The lessons here truly made me appreciate how to rethink gratitude, giving back to others and myself as well.  I forget how much I need my own support for my own journey.

A great quote towards the end of Jennifer’s book is by Marianne Williamson “This spiritual path is simply that journey of living our lives.  Everyone is on a spiritual path most people just don’t know it.

Hope you get a chance to read Jennifer Fords Berry new book.  Good luck and Good Organizing.

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