How to Organize Your Digital Life, Springpad show #5 – What I learned

How to Organize Your Digital Life, Springpad show #5 – What I learned

How to Organize Your Digital Life, Springpad show #5 – What I learned

Springpad is an exciting way to organize your digital life by creating and sharing notebooks for any interest.  You can use it on the web or on your phone.  It’s easy to use features allow you to save, organize, categorize and get things done.  Basically making your life just a bit easier by helping you manage and organize your digital life.

Last night there was an incredible interview about how you can seriously cut through the digital clutter and get digitally organized with Devin Bramhall a “Happiness Specialist” at Springpad and Peter Walsh internationally recognized Organization / Control Clutter expert.

Peter Walsh & Devin Bramhall, How to Organze Your Digital Life with Springpad Show #5

Peter Walsh & Devin Bramhall, How to Organze Your Digital Life with Springpad Show #5

Here are some of the highlights with time stamps to help you learn this valuable Springpad tool, along with many words of Organization Inspiration from Peter.

Springpad Show #5: How To Organize Your Digital Life


04:30 Getting organized is not a resolution, get fit is not a resolution…you need to take small steps
08:00 Peter is going to be at AAPO conference in Australia
08:44 Magazine organization. Do not keep more than 3 issues of any magazine
11:50 Get rid of the aspirational and make it practical….. Control the information you have.
13:40 Web Clipper tool use
14:45 Peters bucket list notebook
15:05 Cappadocia caves, Turkey 
16:30 Yes… Everything on Springpad is backed up
16:50 Is Springpad a cross between Pinterest and Evernote… Not exactly but kind of.. .. we go a bit deeper, not just a storage space we offer you functionality  and helping you organize with more tools
17:36 Peter, why Im a fan of Springpad….Versitility!!
18:20 How to use Springpad for a home project
20:24 Widely Sharable or Narrowllerlly 😉
20:44 Use Spring pad for Grocery list, party list, holiday party
22:14 Springpad Sharing Features
24:28  How to maintain a de-cluttered and organized space…. YOU HAVE TO STOP USING THE WORD at bit with the word later on it!!!LATER!!!!!……the moment you use the word later YOU DELAY…..Pull your tongue and and cut of the….
26:30 What is your take on storing hard copies of files?

27:58 You can add video to Springpad
29:07 GAZZILION and why it is a giveaway word.  Think about the time to save and store all you have.  Start today!  Live your life!  Don’t be crazy people!…..Let Peter be Crazy!!!!!!
31:50 Tips on Home Office Dec-luttering

  1. Flat surfaces are for working
    1. Create clear zones with limits
    2. Have zones
    3. Instead of notes of to do lists all over
      1. Condense
      2. Give yourself increased confidence
      3. Reduce your stress
      4. Heighten your degree of confidence

36:05 Share health and medical updates with family members

Enjoy personal and professional versatility



37:15 Springpad is like having Miranda’s assistants from Devil Wears Prada in your ear.

Peter Walsh Organizing with Spingpad

Miranda’s_assistant_in_her_ear,_Devil_Wears_Prada (closest I could find)

38:03 Constantly be surprised how people are using the applications
41:10 Is there a space that Peter keeps unorganized???
42:50 What advice would you give to a struggling new organizer?
Don’t’ be too hard on yourself, BE KIND! STOP BRINGING STUFF INTO YOUR HOUSE!!!!
44:30 Keep your space with honor and respect…Small steps regularly applied = huge steps
46:20 De-cluttering and opening up your space… the results will be OUTSTANDING!!!!

I really enjoyed this interview!!  I just got signed up, I am glad I learned a little bit about Organizing My Digital Life on Springpad!

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  1. Nathan January 14, 2014 at 8:02 AM

    I love Springpad. Springpad+ Bitrix24 = best free productivity combo on Earth

    • Adam Levine January 16, 2014 at 2:16 PM

      Don’t know much about Britix24 Nathan but I sure do like what I learned about Springpad :)

  2. Alex January 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM

    Thanks for this especially the timestamps Adam!

    • Adam Levine January 16, 2014 at 2:14 PM

      Sure thing Alex :)