Great Ideas For Wrapping Paper Storage

Great Ideas For Wrapping Paper Storage

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The best wrapping paper storage, Wrap iT, hangs in your closet or stores under your

We all love giving gifts, as such, we tend to buy a large amount of varying types of wrapping paper. After all, each gift deserves the right kind of wrapping paper. However, there are numerous papers that you should be able to use again and again but because the rolls are so cumbersome, they tend to end up on top of a cupboard, in the garage or anywhere else where it will then disappear amongst the clutter. However, there are plenty of other solutions available for you as well, such as the Wrap iT Gift Bag.

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Other options exist as well, and some of those are incredibly creative. Let’s take a look at some really clever ideas to help you with wrapping paper storage.

Store It On the Ceiling

A great way to keep your wrapping paper out of the way, but still easy to reach and completely secure is to

Store your wrapping paper without taking up much closet space! – on the ceiling!

Simply attach some wire or string to the ceiling of your cupboard and slide your rolls of wrapping paper in there. The reality is that it is unlikely that you will do anything else with the ceiling of your cupboards anywhere, and should it fall down, it won’t hurt you. It is a fantastic way to keep all your rolls in one place, so you don’t end up buying duplicates either.

Keep It all Together

You can also come up with ideas to keep all your wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors and tape together by creating a

DIY wrapping paper organizer.

You could create a DIY center behind any door, which is an otherwise unused space. All you need is a board of plywood, some cup hooks, a few dowel rods, some ring hangers and nails and a hammer. Each rod placed upright can hold a roll of wrapping paper. Add two horizontal rods as well to hang up your ribbons and tape. Not only does this method store everything neatly, it also makes it easier to take off a piece of paper or ribbon. No more situations where the entire roll suddenly comes undone!

Recycle Other Things

Next time you are ready to throw a roll of wrapping paper in the attic, take the time to look around in there. Do you maybe have an old stool stored away there too? And maybe some old bags? Get them down, because you can use them to make a great wrapping paper storage system.

Wrapping paper central

All you need to do is put a stool upside down. You then have four sticks that you can attach things to, and it is likely that there are also some bars connecting the feet of the stools, onto which you can hang things. You can put the rolls of wrapping paper onto the feet of the stools, and if you attach some bags or sacks to those connecting bars, you can put all your other materials such as ribbons and buttons on there.

These are but a few ideas that are available to you. Essentially, all you need is some unused space and some rods and you are able to create a fantastic wrapping station. Perhaps you are really creative and could even make a collapsible table that covers your rolls of paper and other bits when not in use, and gives you a work station when you do need to wrap gifts.

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