Gift Wrapping With Unusual Materials

Gift Wrapping With Unusual Materials

Gift wrapping without paper

Gift wrapping without paper (Photo credit: scrappy annie)

Gifts are an expression of a certain sentiment. It can be love, appreciation, condolence or anything else. It is very important that you express this emotion in your wrapping as well. Passing someone a supermarket shopping bag with a present in is simply not nice, and it will make them appreciate the gift a lot less. However, you could use the shopping bags to create an original gift wrap that is totally unique, in which case it suddenly becomes something from the heart again.

Newspaper and Other Crafty Materials

Sarah Campbell came up with amazing ideas to wrap gifts in unusual materials. She called it

14 Crafty Gift Wrap Ideas

Each of her ideas are incredibly inspirational. One of the best ones, however, has to be the newspaper wrapping ideas. Newspapers have been used for wrapping for a while now. Some people will look for a newspaper specifically from the date of a person’s birth if it is their birthday for instance. Although that is a lovely idea, it is easy for it to go wrong, as people simply rip the newspaper open. In Sarah’s idea, however, she uses regular newspaper. To give it an extra air of niceness, she adds rainbow colored ribbon to the corner of the package. It looks absolutely amazing in combination with the black and white of the newspaper.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Other people have had similar ideas. Take, for instance Marianna Thompson, who has developed

12 DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

She has great ideas such as purchasing fabrics by the yard to wrap presents in, or writing poetry on a brown paper bag and wrapping your present in that. Another idea is to use pages from books, such as cookbooks you don’t use anymore or your old children’s books. Another great idea is to use puzzles or word jumbles, particularly if the recipient of your gift likes doing puzzles. Stamps and stickers work really well, as do photographs or even photo collages. You could even use pages from an encyclopedia, perhaps with a theme that the recipient is really interested in. Last but not least, she suggest asking children to make fantastic drawings and to use these as wrapping paper. Plenty of ideas to work with!

Recycled Materials

We all know that we have to think about our planet. The reality with wrapping paper is that it will simple be thrown away again, so Lucinda Walsh suggests using

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas from Recycled Materials

She explains that recycling materials is not just elegant, it is also very interesting. You could try using flowers, cellophane wrappings, labeled printed paper, old sheets and burlap to name but a few options. She also explains that it is not always necessary to completely wrap a specific item. If, for instance, you are giving a jar of homemade produce, you only have to put a ribbon around the lid. A bar of chocolate simply needs a new wrapper. If you are making a basket of gifts for a baby, you could roll each item up and create a cake-like design.

Scrap Materials

Scrap materials and recycled materials are not all that different. It is simply about using things that you have lying about anyway, instead of throwing them away. Raihan AJ had a number of particularly good ideas for

wrapping presents in scrap material

The focus here is particularly on Christmas presents, which can easily be wrapped using old pieces of tartan materials. However, this is just one idea and there are many other materials you could use for other things. Babies, for instance, could receive presents in old baby blankets. Women who have a specific liking for certain types of fabrics could have their presents wrapped in something like that. The possibilities are truly endless and you only have to have one little look in your basement or attic in order to find something you are able to find.

Leaf Wrapping


Using Cans for Gift Wrap (Photo credit: bptakoma)

Last but not least, there is the idea of leaf wrapping. This was developed by Timea Varga and is truly one of the most amazing ideas available today.

leaf wrapping

Once people here what this is all about, they wonder why they haven’t thought of it before. However, it must be said in all honesty that it isn’t easy to do. But, with a bit of patience, you should be able to manage it. As you can probably imagine, it may be a bit difficult to wrap large presents, although it is doable if you get a lot of leaves. You must get fresh leaves, as dried out leaves will crumble and disintegrate. With fresh leaves, you simply use a good, non-toxic glue, placing a thin layer either directly on the present (if it’s in a box that can be thrown away), or on regular paper that you have used to wrap the present first. There are different ways to do this. For instance, if your present is particularly small, like a bar of chocolate, you could wrap a leaf over its bottom half, leaving the bar of chocolate sticking out slightly, and stick another leaf to the back without folding that one at all. You are sure to receive fantastic feedback from these ideas.

Clearly, keeping hold of old scrap materials is very important. Never throw anything away, as you never know when you can next use it as wrapping paper. There are a few things you will need in order to be able to use recycled materials, however, and these are the same things you would need to wrap anything else. You need scissors, tape, glue, ribbons and those sorts of things. You will soon be know amongst your friends as the person who gives the best wrapped presents. In fact, it can even go so far that people start to no longer want to unwrap the presents because it would be such a waste of a work of art. Unwrapping is something very special and even more so when people see the effort you put into the wrapping as well.

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