Gift Wrapping And Flowers, Go Floral And Sweet

Gift Wrapping And Flowers, Go Floral And Sweet

Flowers are perfect for so many different things. Decorating your gift wrap with flowers is one of them. They are girly, but they can also be professional and suitable for men and women alike. They can be used to decorate homes, outfits and presents. You can use real flowers as decorations, or you can recycle materials and turn them into flowers. For instance, you could use wrapping paper to create beautiful paper flowers, which you can then put onto a present again. Let’s take a look at what sort of fantastic things you can do when you put flowers and presents together.

Make Flowers out of Tissue Paper

Most of us have some tissue paper lying about in our homes and this can actually be used to make the most amazing flowers, according to Clare Oliver.

It’s a sad state of affairs when life allows such little free time (or money) for anything crafty that the thought of wrapping a baby shower gift makes my heart go pitter pat, but it is what is it. And I’ll take it.

Making a flower from crepe paper is incredibly easy. Simply stick some tape across your gift box and put circles of paper on it. Once stuck on, cut the edges of the paper individually into floral shapes (or do that first), and start folding a little bit. Do loads of layers of this (in whatever materials you like) and you will end up with a beautiful flower to put on top of a box. The downside? People might not want to open your present!

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

If using tissue paper and other types of scraps to create your own flowers is too complicated – it is in fact perhaps not for the complete DIY novice – there are other options out there for you as well. It actually isn’t difficult at all to create your own paper flowers, as explained by Amelia.

Here is a simple DIY for paper flowers to top of simple packages. I love how the flowers pop up when folded as pretty textured statements and they are so easy to make.

From looking at the pictures, you truly will be shocked at just how easy it is to make these. It should take you no time whatsoever to get it done, and even the biggest DIY novice can give this one a go.

Flowers and Pearlized Wrapping Paper

Pearlized wrapping paper is one of the most beautiful types of wrapping paper you can get. Some people don’t like it, because it is somewhat see-through, but you would be surprised at the number of amazing things you can do with it.

All you really need to do is place your gift in the pearlized wrapping paper. Tie it at the top with some ribbon, so it becomes a bit scrunched up. Simply add a flower in a very light or pastel color to finish the look. Carnations work particularly well, as they almost look like scrunched up pieces of pearlized paper themselves.

You may wonder why you should go through all the trouble of making these sort of things, when you could just wrap something and be done with it. However, you will be doing the recipient a far greater favor by making something personal. There is nothing nicer than receiving something that has been personally created. But there is a slight selfish element as well. If you have many pieces of paper, old books, tissue paper and so on lying about, you can use these pieces to create your works of art. You can make flowers – as well as other designs – from all sorts of scraps, rather than have to store them forever.

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