Gift Bags Or Wrapping Paper? Which One To Use

Gift Bags Or Wrapping Paper? Which One To Use

When it comes to giving gifts, it seems there are protocols to be followed. But which ones should you follow? Should you wrap your gift, because that keeps things really hidden? Should you put it in a gift bag, because they are incredibly beautiful? Or should you do both?

Bags Are Easy

Let’s be honest about it, as much as it is nice to receive a carefully wrapped gift, bags are a whole lot easier. Also, it doesn’t feel like such a disappointment for the giver to see something they spent half an hour wrapping to be ripped to shreds in the space of a few minutes. In that respect, the gift bag is the perfect solution.

No cutting. No taping. No crooked seams. Just pop in the present, stuff it with tissue, and you’re done. No mess. No fuss. In and out, like a trip through drive-thru. And, best of all, you can re-use the bag. Just rip off the name and stick a new one on. It makes perfect sense.

Bags Are Impersonal

Perfectly Paisley Gift Bags

Perfectly Paisley Gift Bags (Photo credit: Premier Packaging)

Other people think that although it may be true that a gift bag is easier, it is also completely impersonal and should be avoided. Wrapping a gift shows that you have put time and effort not just in picking the present, but also in wrapping it. Furthermore, it is much easier to add a personal touch and make the wrapping right for the season by actually wrapping the present rather than putting it in a bag. The effort of making a nice wrapping simply makes the gift more memorable.

I usually find paper to match the occasion for the celebration. If I do not have any on hand I find the Sunday comics and I wrap the present in that. For a fast gift, I go to the dollar store, I purchase a gift bag with a design that fits the occasion. Then, I make the bows by hand. I decorate all my gifts whether it is gift wrap or a gift bag.

Which One Is Right?

There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to wrapping. The reality is that when give a present in a bag, people are tempted to simply glance at it, say thanks and put it away. If it is wrapped, they have to actually open it and see what is inside. On the other hand, more and more parties now mean presents get opened later, in which case giving it in a bag means you get to at least see some of the receiver’s reaction when they have a sneaky glance. Some people like bags because they can reuse them, but you run the risk of getting a present back in a bag that you used yourself. Some people like to reuse wrapping paper just as much, with the same potential risk.

Most people would agree that there are a number of factors to consider. First of all, there is the time that you have available. If you forgot to get a gift and run into your local convenience store, there will be no option but to buy a bag. Secondly, how good are you at wrapping? Although it can be learned, if your wrapping generally looks a mess, you may want to use bags until you have perfected your art. Thirdly, do you prefer to receive gifts wrapped or in a bag? Perhaps the receiver feels the same way? Last but not least, has the receiver ever mentioned what they prefer? If all else fails and you really don’t know, wrap a gift and put it in a bag, then it is always right.

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