Getting Organized: Here Are A Few Do’s And Don’ts

Getting Organized: Here Are A Few Do’s And Don’ts

Getting Organized, many people dream about suddenly waking up one day and being organized, but of course this isn’t something that is just going to happen out of nowhere. There are many do’s and don’ts. Those who are interested in getting more organized, whether it’s for the benefit of their families or themselves, should start out by understanding one thing; this isn’t something that happens overnight. With that being said, there are a few tips that can assist people in increasing their organizational skills almost immediately.

The Basic Rules of Organizing

Organizing takes discipline and structure, and so it is natural for there to be certain rules that individuals need to follow as they go about trying to get their lives organized. According to, the golden rule of organizing is one that people have probably heard many times over;

Everything has a specific home.

Before a person starts trying to tidy up or get everything back in order, they actually have to start out by allocating a space for everything in their homes. This might seem like a big task, but individuals should keep in mind that this is something that they will only need to do once; after that, it’s just about maintaining it.

The second rule is; “put things back – everytime.” Many people placate their organization conscience by stating that they’ll “get to it later”, but of course this never happens, and before a person knows it, their homes and offices are once again in disarray. Thirdly, it is important to contain things in containers so that items can be grouped together; this way, individuals will have an easier time of allocating a space for everything.

It is also important to remember, according to the organizational experts, that any project involving organizing should be undertaken and completed without delay; otherwise, most people tend to give it up as a long and tiring prospect that seems more impossible with every passing minute.

Organizing in Small Spaces

It can be particularly difficult remaining organized in a small space, especially when it comes to small kitchens or bathrooms; this is why crafty individuals have come up with a range of “lifehacks” to assist others in getting their small spaces looking neat and tidy. According to Buzzfeed contributor, Natalie Brown, you can use spice racks to increase the amount of storage you have in your bathroom without taking up a lot of space. As she says;

Two…spice racks fit all of that stuff you use every day (or think you’ll use every day).

Since spice racks are relatively compact, they can be placed on the inside doors of your bathroom cabinets, or just beside the sink. When it comes to having these items installed, just about anyone can do it, which means that it doesn’t fall into the category that should be left up to the “experienced DIY enthusiast”.

Coat hooks are another great addition to any small bathroom, particularly those that are shared because they take up a lot less room than towel rods, and they air the towels out properly. These can be installed quickly and easily on the back of a door; out of the way until they are needed.

Lastly, many women struggle to keep their bobby pins in one area; they always tend to get strewn throughout the house, with most of them getting lost within a matter of weeks. To prevent this, magnetic strips can be placed along a bathroom cabinet door; these will hold the bobby pins until they are called into use.

Utilizing “Out Of The Box” Areas Of Your Home

People quite often have to get very creative with regards to where they store goods within their homes, particularly if they are dealing with smaller properties. There are some areas of a property that people tend to forget about as they go about getting everything organized, including the actual walls of a place. As Whitson Gordon of puts it;

If floor space is at a premium, you can maximize it by moving those bookshelves up onto the wall, freeing up the floor for storing other things (and making it easier to clean).

Since shelving can take up a lot of space on a wall, attaching the shelves to the actual wall means that people will free up a lot of floor space, ultimately, making a space appear just a bit larger and more comfortable. Keep in mind that it is important to consider the weight of whatever is going to be stored on the shelving, including the shelves, to determine just how securely it needs to be attached to the wall.

Placing a shelf above a door is a great way to utilize an otherwise useless area of space. In bathrooms, people tend to put these up as a place to store towels, while they opt to have these installed in bedrooms when storing luggage and other bulky items.

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Organize For Comfort

Organizing isn’t just about keeping things looking orderly; it is also about making it easier to get at these items, as well as return them to their rightful place at the end of the day. By turning to the experts for information on how best to organize a specific area of the house, the entire job becomes a lot simpler; after all, these people have chosen these “life hacks” because they actually work. Julia Child, for instance, suggests organizing pots, pans and other kitchen utensils with the help of a pegboard; this not only allows a person the chance to see everything displayed when they need it, but it also makes it simple to switch things around.

Adjust When Necessary

It is quite rare for a person to organize everything “right” the first time around; often, a few adjustments are required after a person has utilized a specific space and found that something or other seems to be wrong. By constantly improving and coming up with new and ingenious organizational techniques, it’s easy to ensure that a home or office remains neat and tidy, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

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