Fun Ways To DIY Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer

Fun Ways To DIY Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer

A fun DIY project to do at home is making your own gift wrapping paper storage organizer. I mean. Have you ever had a look at how much wrapping paper you have lying about in your home? Most of us have various leftover rolls of Christmas paper and a huge array of pieces of birthday wrapping paper. Besides this, you will probably also have ribbons, tape, decorations and scissors lying about in various drawers and cupboards. This happens because all of these items are oddly shaped and quite cumbersome. Hence, we don’t know how to store it in a neat and tidy way. Luckily, the answer is out there for you. Take a look at some of these ideas.

A Shoe Organizer

Jennifer Grace has given a fantastic example of how to turn a

Shoe organizer to wrapping paper organizer

What she did was create a hanging organizer for all of her wrapping paper and other little bits and bobs. She used something most of us have at home somewhere, or can pick up for just a few dollar: an over the door shoe organizer. She made a few changes so that she could fit longer wrapping rolls in them, as well as ribbon, tissue, tape, gift bags and more. The cost involved was very small and the time it takes was completely minimal. It is incredibly quick and easy to do, and it is the perfect way to keep everything tidy.

Rope and Hooks

Sophie Tarpless came up with another idea that can be useful for people who want to store their wrapping paper in a neat and tidy manner. She has expressed a passion for

wrapping paper organizing

She has used a variety of fun way to store all the items we have available for gift wrapping at home. For instance, an old wire coat hanger can be opened up to hang ribbons on. You could use two U-shaped bars and attach these to the ceiling, simply sliding your wrapping paper rolls inside. Old cereal boxes make fantastic storage items for gift bags, which otherwise end up in loads of different places in the home. You can also hang lines that we generally use to put a piece of fabric to hide an unsightly cupboard, the ones with a hook at the end, and put wrapping paper rolls on these. These are but a few of the ideas Sophie Tarpless came up with, and they are designed to make your home more tidy.

A Cupboard

Sas had a different idea, using a cupboard door and clothes and shoes bags specifically for all your wrapping needs.

Wrapping paper organization

for Sas, is about utilizing the tools and space you already have and making the most of that.

According to Sas, it is also about being selective. Do you really need five rolls of birthday paper? She tends to have just two: a neutral birthday paper and a neutral Christmas paper, which can be used for all ages and genders. One idea she had is to use a camping bag that people use to create a type of cupboard in their tent. These generally have some fabric “shelves” that can be used for gift bags and ribbons, as well as elastic strings along the bottom to hold in the shoes. These are perfect to keep the rolls of paper in place. Sas is a real gift wrapper at heart and she has decorated an entire room for all her crafting and decorating. She uses simple ideas that anybody can replicate at home, such as using colorful cardboard boxes for different types of decoration items (like sequence, stickers, feathers and so on), larger boxes for home decorations for each season, and so on.

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