Fantastic Ways To Gift Wrap Your Christmas Presents

Fantastic Ways To Gift Wrap Your Christmas Presents

Christmas gifts.

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Christmas is a fantastic time of year. The smells of spice and roaring fires waft towards you when you come home, and the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree fill you with happiness. However, there is that small issue of putting presents under the tree, something that requires meticulous precision. You cannot poorly wrap a Christmas present since, technically, you didn’t wrap them – Santa’s elves did. But if you’re not creative with wrapping, how do you make anything look great? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Brown Bags

From now on, make sure you keep all the brown bags you get at the grocery store. They make absolutely fantastic wrapping paper, even if you may think they look boring. You can either keep them simply brown, giving everything a uniform, rustic look, or you can add some Christmassy things to make them a bit more snazzy.

What a great way to decorate humble brown bags as fantastic gift bags. Use buttons, wool, strips of craft paper left overs with a pinch of creativity.


Neon colors are all the rage again. Some of us we left them firmly hidden in the cupboard that is the 1980s, but they have found their way out. However, where the 80s neons were tacky and hideous, their new lease of life is actually beautiful and creative and works perfectly for Christmas presents.

When in doubt….go all out, on color that is! How about neon pink and green, that is bound to wake everyone up Christmas morning!

You can get quite a lot of Christmas decorations in neon colors as well, and you can use all of these to put on top of your Christmas presents. You could add a little bell to one, a beautiful ribbon to another and even a bauble to the last one. Neon is back!

The Coastal Look

Depending on where you live, you either miss the snow at Christmas, or you may wish it was just that little bit warmer. Because of this, having a beach theme in your Christmas presents always works. It’s unusual and beautiful and overall a great theme for the merriest of all holidays. So why not follow the beach theme through in your presents as well?

To give your presents a trendy coastal look, wrap gifts in canvas or cotton duck secured in the corners with heavy-duty double-sided tape. Embellish with jute or hemp twine and top with shells you’ve found on the beach.

Best of all, you can make the theme follow through in your house. You could use little shells and starfish, spray them with some sparkles or fake snow and put them in your tree. Instead of garlands, use fishing ropes and put a gorgeous beach towel underneath your tree.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are unusual and highly creative. Not just that, they add a really personal touch to each gift, beyond what a little gift tag could ever achieve.

Paper + Cup owner Minhee Cho treats boxes as a blank canvas. She wrapped these gifts in tissue paper, added silhouettes from a clip-art book, and covered them with a glossy layer of cellophane. Speech bubbles stickers placed by reindeer makes a clever gift tag – and a nice final touch.

These are but a few of the ideas you could work with this Christmas. Remember that the holiday is always only just around the corner, so you are never too early to start thinking about the theme you intend to use at home this year. With some of these fantastic gift wrapping ideas, you can make sure that all your presents will look beautiful under your tree.

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