Fantastic And Unusual Ways To Wrap Your Gifts

Fantastic And Unusual Ways To Wrap Your Gifts

Gift wrapping in unusual and fantastic ways is something some people hate and other people love. Interestingly enough, it seems that both the lovers and the haters have their own style of wrapping. Whether it be kinda messy because they hate doing it, or the opposite where you can’t even see the seam where the paper joins because they simply love wrapping, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone simply does it in the way they know best. Some people dislike it so much that they use a gift wrapping service instead, but even there people are instructed to wrap in a certain style. However, did you know there are certain styles more suitable for specific occasions? And even if you are a gift wrapping hater, it isn’t difficult to learn how to do it with a touch of finesse, so you can wrap your gifts in an appropriate style every time.

Christmas Presents

Christmas needs special decoration. As a tip, wrap the presents to match the decorations and that makes them look extra to look festive as well. Essentially, you want them to look beautiful.

Christmas Presents Under the Tree.

Why not try to wrap all your presents in beautiful, crisp white paper. Brighten it up with ribbons in bright colors, such as blue, red and green. Then stick a candy cane on the part where the ribbons meet to have a beautiful and elegant result. If you have more of a green theme going, you could replace the candy cane with pieces of tree cuttings. This is a great way to make your tree and the gifts look even more like the rest of your decorations, giving a uniform look throughout your house.

Presents for Travelers

Perhaps a friend or member of your family is going away on a gap year or sabbatical and intends to visit a lot of different countries during their travels. You may want to give them something nice to take with them, something that is also useful. But how do you wrap that? Why not try

Maps as gift wrap. Cute!

This is so easy to do. Many of us still have old road maps and atlases lying about that we don’t use anymore now that we all have satellite navigation systems and Google Maps. So why not put those maps to good use and use them as wrapping paper instead? Team them up with a gorgeous orange bow for a fantastic effect. If you know where your friend or relative is going, you could even use a map from that specific area, perhaps even marking the parts he or she will be going to. It is original and cheap, and the receiver will absolutely love it!

Presents for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is all about showing your Mom how special she is. Some mothers absolutely adore baking and doing other things in the kitchen, and for these it would be a great idea to opt for

Wrapping in a tea towel with wooden spoon.

This is not suitable, however, for the mother who is sick and tired of always being in the kitchen and wants to have something just for her, unless you are doing it as a joke. However, overall, it is a beautiful way of wrapping a gift. Simply pick a tea towel in her favorite color (do go out and buy a new one) and tie the four corners together over a wooden spoon. The effect is absolutely stunning and she will absolutely love her gift.

Presents for Babies

Babies don’t really appreciate their gifts, and in reality they are actually gifts for the parents. However, do try to get something that the baby can actually use, such as little teddy bears or lovely soft blankets. Also, you could choose to get something that a baby can look back at when they grow up, such as a baby book. Again, the baby will probably not overly appreciate your wrapping efforts, but the parents will, so why not make a special effort?

For a baby gift, wrap the present with a baby blanket instead of paper. Sign your name in a mini-baby book and use that as a card instead of a paper card that will get thrown away!

This is a wonderful way of wrapping a present for the baby and you know at the very least that the book and the blanket will come in very hand for the little baby for longer than just a few weeks.

Presents for the One You Love

Sometimes, you have to present your loved one with a gift. Time this properly, or he/she will think you have done something wrong and are trying to make up for it! Whether it be your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the day you met, any other occasion, or simply because you want to declare your love, you have to wrap it in a very special way. Have you ever thought of using poetry and literature?


Pick a sonnet or other text that is all about love. Wrap your present in that piece of paper and tie it with a beautiful ribbon. Orange works particularly well with these types of presents. Perhaps you can even find some beads with letters on, spelling out “love” or the name of your other half for instance. This is a fantastic and original way of wrapping gifts.

Presents for Teenagers

Last but not least, teenagers are really difficult to buy anything for. And even if you do find something, interesting them in it is even harder. Everything they touch tends to get a dismissive “whatever”. However, if you know how to wrap your gift in a really cool way, you may just have the upper hand just once.

In the top drawer of my craft dresser I’ve accumulated this pile o’ pockets. Random? Perhaps. But if you heat up a glue gun and run a bead just on the edges, they go from old pockets into HOT pockets. Perfect for sticking in colored pencils, money, or a baby bottle on the outside of a shower gift. Or go for the tried and true favorite: sugar.

Simply stick them to a brown paper bag and put a chocolate bar in the pocket, and you are done.


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