Exciting New Ways To Manage Gift-wrapping Storage Supplies

Exciting New Ways To Manage Gift-wrapping Storage Supplies

The art of gift-wrapping has, over the centuries, slowly emerged as a popular tradition in just about every culture in the world today. The fact is that of the 85 million tons of paper products used by Americans each year, approximately half of it is dedicated to the practice of packaging, wrapping, and decorating the many gifts we lovingly give away. There is nothing that compares to the joy and excitement of watching someone delicately try to open their precious gem while at the same time attempting to preserve that perfect package. In the back of their mind, you just know that they are thinking of doing the same for someone else. Let’s face it…

wrapping paper is also pretty awesome: It’s pretty, it’s arty, and it’s one way, among others, to make even the most impersonal offerings — gift cards, electronics, even (eeeek) cash — seem meaningful.

That being said, creative people are not always creative organizers. As we go about our daily routine, we tend to collect a full array of gift wrapping paraphernalia that we want to set aside for a later date; we gather paper, ribbons, tags, ties, bags, bows, string and all manner of little odds and ends and set them aside for when a new opportunity presents itself to create another amazing work of art. But gift-wrapping supplies, as beautiful as they may be, do not store well if not organized correctly. Well-known home organizer, Denise Levine said in her advice column about gift-wrapping:

Before you know it your gift wrap takes up so much space, gets wrinkled, and isn’t even useful or attractive anymore!

Because of this, wrappers are constantly searching for new and creative ways to preserve those precious scraps they use to display their works of art without damaging them. This need has spawned a whole new market in gift-wrap organizers that are designed specifically to fill this void. If you are one of those wrapping happy creative people, here are a few suggestions that could get you on the right track to organization.

Do It Yourself

Many have created their own storage area for their gift-wrapping supplies; some have converted storage hampers, drawers, suitcases, closets, CD cases, and jewelry bags into storage bins. Anything with compartments that can help to separate and give each item a designated place can become a useful tool. However, if you are a serial wrapper, you may find that many of these homemade projects may not work well for the amount of supplies you have accumulated.

Convert Existing Storage Space

Serious crafters already have storage space set aside somewhere in their homes; either a guest room or a closet area that can easily be converted to an organizing space for their wrapping needs. Using containers, bins, hooks, and other gadgetry can quickly convert a designated space into a compartmentalized area where no matter how great or small, all your storage needs can be met.

Buy Ready Made

Wrap iT - The Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

The best wrapping paper storage, Wrap iT, hangs in your closet or stores under your bed.

Ready-made gift-wrapping storage containers fill the unique needs of a creative gift-wrapper. With features such as expandable bands to securely hold the rolls in place, they will stay where they are put. The beauty of these organizers is that they can conveniently hide everything away by simply hanging them up in the back of a closet until you needed for another project. With clear, plastic pockets and everything in its own designated space, the art of wrapping becomes a real art. Rather than spending time searching through piles and corners for whatever you need, it is easy to find in their see-thru pockets.

For those people that have fallen in love with the creative side of gift giving, this is a very practical approach to gift-wrapping. There is plenty of joy involved in giving a gift that is unparalleled in any other facet of human interaction. Having your supplies readily at hand and organized can only expand on the joy of giving that one may already experience. As a mater of fact…

psychologists say it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift.

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