Bring the Neat – Learn to get Organized this Holiday Season

Bring the Neat – Learn to get Organized this Holiday Season

If the thought of greeting cards, wrapping paper, shopping, cooking and baking have you shaking in your boots, take three hours on December 5th at 10 am Eastern time to attend Bring the Neat, the very first online Google+ Live Hangout about organizing for the holidays. During this Hangout you will learn from the experts how to handle the upcoming holiday season. Surprise your friends and family with your calm demeanor, organized shopping lists, on-time greeting cards and beautiful wrappings this holiday season!

Who Started It All?

Let’s start by looking at the man behind this ingenious event, Adam Levine. Adam started his company, Wrap iT because he was tired of the

runaround that he and his wife constantly had to do in order to get a present wrapped. Searching for the supplies to get the job done, buying a card and buying more supplies because they couldn’t find the stuff they already had simply became old. When Adam invented Wrap iT, everyone instantly fell in love and it became the best gift wrap organizer anywhere!

The Speakers at the Event

Jennifer Ford Berry’s New Book Organize Now! THINK AND LIVE CLUTTER-FREE

Jennifer Ford Berry

Aside from Adam Levine, with his ingenious organizational skills, Bring the Neat will showcase 8 other speakers from a variety of backgrounds, each an expert in their own right. This summit is meant to give you all of the advice that you will need to stay organized this holiday season. Doesn’t it sound so much better to be relaxed and be able to enjoy your friends and family rather than running around like a crazy person and missing out on the excitement of the season? A few of the speakers you will hear include:

    • Jennifer Berry – Author of Organize Now will be a featured speaker at the event! With more than 400,000 copies of her books sold, she is an expert of the highest kind! Jennifer will share her professional organizing skills and draw upon her expert time management skills to help you successfully get through the holiday season.

Neelam Meetcha

    • Neelam Meetcha – Founder of Become and Expert NOW and All Occasions Gift Wrap will be speaking about gift wrapping presents, helping you to make your wrapping unique, beautiful and efficient this year.
    • Steve Wilson – A real name in the social media industry as well as a spokesperson, internet marketer and editorial writer will impart her knowledge on holiday shopping and how to make it easier on you this season.
    • Ann McDonald – A creative business consultant as well as speaker and designer will touch on the subject of greeting cards, helping you to make the most out of your cards, staying in touch with friends and family, without getting overwhelmed.
Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth

    • Carolyn Herfurth – A Business and Sales Strategist and found of Biztrth, will discuss how to plan for 2014 without getting overwhelmed. She will use her experience as a business mentor to help you learn how to set and achieve goals next year in the most efficient manner possible.
    • Collette Shine – A professional organizer, will be discussing how to organize your photos, which is one of her greatest strengths, along with organizing time and space. She will use the skills that she has developed since her career began in 2008 to help you become more organized this holiday season.
Collette Shine

Collette Shine


Be Organized this Year

This is your year, the year that you are going to be organized throughout the entire holiday season. You will learn how you can do it all and still look well rested and feel great! You will put the days of fatigue, frustration and stress behind you and learn to enjoy the holidays this year with the help of each of our renowned experts offering their input on what you can do to make your holidays the best ever this year. This is the first event that solely focuses on holiday organizing and nothing else – it’s time to put yourself a step above the rest!

Ann McDonald

Ann McDonald

Get Professional Help at Home

The best part about this event is that you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! There’s no cost and no planning required, simply log onto your computer and get ready to be amazed. Sit back and relax as you learn the hottest tips and techniques to make yourself incredibly organized, acting just like the professionals that you will get to listen to during the event.

Save Money

stevie wilson

stevie wilson

Who doesn’t love to save money during the holidays? Would you believe that being organized is the best way to save money? Think about all of the extras that you buy because you cannot find some of your stuff or the gifts that you end up with an overabundance of because you forgot you already bought some. Put those days behind you with this event! The experts will help you learn how to organize every aspect of the holidays, putting you in the driver’s seat of your entire holiday experience this year, rather than you feeling as if you are at the mercy of the holidays.

We hope that you will join us this December 5th at 10am Eastern Time as we explore how you can make this holiday season the best one yet! Just picture feeling great, looking great and enjoying time with friends and family this season; it should be incentive enough to log on and join our party as we give out the industry’s hottest secrets! Don’t miss it!




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  1. Ann McDonald November 25, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    Adam, thank you for putting this together! I am not only deeply honored to be a part of this, am excited to learn from the other experts!

    • Adam Levine November 26, 2013 at 5:56 PM

      Thanks Ann – so excited to have you xo!

  2. Adam Levine November 26, 2013 at 5:57 PM

    Thanks Susan – we are so happy you are jazzed for it!