Bring the Neat is Set to Transform the Holidays for Everyone

Bring the Neat is Set to Transform the Holidays for Everyone

Bring the Neat, a state-of-the-art Google+ Live Hangout, promises to transform the hustle and bustle of the holidays for everyone. With eight different experts speaking over a period of three hours, participants will learn from the best of the best how to make their holidays organized, efficient and fun! The party starts on December 5th at 10am, from the comfort of each participant’s own home, right on their own computer.

Bring the Neat is hosted by the owner and founder of Wrap iT, the World’s Greatest Gift Wrap Storage Organizer. Adam Levine, the owner and founder, created the vertically hung storage for gift wrap that has transformed the organization of households everywhere. He is the mastermind behind ending the clutter of gift wrap, bows, scissors and tape everywhere as the holidays near. Now, he has put brought his mastermind ideas to even greater heights by bringing together 8 other experts in the field to help make the holidays as stress free as possible for everyone.

Who are the experts that will speak at Bring the Neat? Participants can expect to hear from social media experts, professional authors, professional organizers and expert coaches. All of these professionals will be in one place, talking about various topics that pertain to staying organized and relaxed for the holiday season.

Neelam Meetcha, for example, is an Experts Coach and Creative Director of All Occasions Gift Wrap and will be discussing gift wrapping presents. Participants might have heard or even seen Neelam on the U.K.’s largest craft TV channel, where she is a regular guest expert, sharing her knowledge of all things gift wrapping.

Stevie Wilson, a social media expert, also has plenty of experience in a variety of aspects including fashion editor, spokesperson and internet marketing and will be discussing holiday shopping. Stevie is a very inspirational speaker and will undoubtedly inspire listeners to get organized this holiday season.

Carolyn Herfurth, founder of Biztruth, who operates under the title Business and Sales strategist, will showcase her expertise on how to cut to the chase. In business she gets right to the point and shows her clients how to capitalize their strengths. During Bring the Neat, she will be discussing how to plan for 2014, helping participants to get the New Year started off on the right foot.

A few of the other topics that will be touched upon during this amazing three hour event are how to manage holiday photos, making greeting card sending easy rather than overwhelming, organizing personal Pinterest boards to make them easier to handle and more likely to be done as well as segment on how to plan for 2014.

Bring the Neat promises to transform the holidays for people everywhere. With so many experts in one place, offering their advice and expertise, it is the only stop that anyone that gets overwhelmed by the holidays needs to make this year. It is the promise to a new beginning, a new way to enjoy the holidays and finally a way to feel organized, not frazzled this holiday season.

About Adam Levine

Adam Levine is the inventor of Wrap iT, the planet’s best wrapping paper organizer. His inspiration behind the product was to create organization in his own home as he was tired of going on a mad search for wrapping supplies. Before he knew it, friends and family also wanted the product, which is why his current company, Wrap iT Inc. got started! Now he strives to share not only his expertise but also that of others in the industry to help make the holidays successful.


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