Bring the Neat II – Springtime Means Organizing

Bring the Neat II – Springtime Means Organizing

Are you ready to organize your life this spring with excitement? If the answer is YES, that means you want to be organized! You want to be making your house a place you love to spend time at. You might even want to be making yourself healthy!  No better way to get going, get prepped and be sure not to miss, Bring the Neat II on Friday April 11th at 10am! This Google+ Live Hangout promises to change how you look at spring cleaning and organizing – you might even learn to like it! Come learn from the experts about how to transform the way you think and do things to make this spring your most productive yet!

Bring The Neat is Back!!

 Adam Levine, founder and owner of, has done it once again. He started the Google+ Live Hangout with his original Bring the Neat summit in December that centered on getting organized for the holidays. Now he is back with even more amazing tips to help everyone get ready for spring. No one wants to start spring off feeling unorganized, exhausted and unproductive – which is why Adam has brought with him 10 amazing experts to make life easier for you this spring.

The Speakers at Bring the Neat!!

In addition to Adam Levine, Bring the Neat II will showcase 10 other speakers that will offer their expertise and advice for viewers everywhere. The collaboration of the advice provided by these amazing speakers will help you have a productive, relaxing and enjoyable spring. You will learn how to be healthy, organized and happy – what a wonderful way to start a season that holds so much promise for us! The speakers that will offer their expertise include:

  • Jennifer Ford Berry– Author of Organize Now will speak about the importance of letting go of “stuff.” She will explain how letting go of the “stuff” that you no longer need can help you to nurture your spirit, making you happier in the long run.
  • Neelam Meetcha –A business coach for coaches will be talking about gift giving, and of course, gift wrapping for the spring. Learn how to create beautiful gifts for your recipients this year!
  • Stevie Wilson– A social media expert with an incredible knack for shopping will discuss how to shop best in the spring – but not just for the spring. Imagine learning how to shop and save in the spring for other seasons! This is savings at its best.
  • Collette Shine – A NYC professional organizer, Collette will teach you how to hate your laundry less! Yes, she will be talking about the chore that most of us dread the most and how to make it a natural part of your lifestyle. Why dread something that is a necessary part of life?
  • Julie Coraccio – The host of the online TV show, Reawaken Your Brilliance, talks about how to save the earth while saving money too – the perfect balance for a perfect world!
  • Ann McDonald – Speaker, designer and creative business consultant extraordinaire, Ann will discuss how to get in the right frame of mind for spring cleaning, because truthfully it all starts in our minds.
  • Emily Parks – A technology specialist specializing in making small businesses productive, will talk about the importance of spring cleaning your Smartphone. This might even be an area that you never gave thought to, but is an important part of your life.
  • Geralin Thomas – A professional organizer, blogger and speaker, Geralin will teach you how to stop procrastinating and get motivated to create the closet of your dreams in perfect time to host your new spring wardrobe!
  • John Rowley – This health expert will help you to put the focus back on yourself and getting your health back on track to help you have a relaxing spring.
  • Melissa Potvin – Balances Work and Family helping you pack healthy snacks for the kids while at the same time keeping your  pulse on the work beat.

Bring The Neat Gets the Season Started Right

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Learn how to start it off the right way. Put the days of feeling overwhelmed, tired or frustrated behind you. Each of our experts are here to help you learn how to make the most of your spring, making this year the best year yet. When you attend this Google+ Hangout, you get professional expertise in your own home, free of charge! Sit back, relax and enjoy the discussions of our experts as you learn how to get organized, save time and money!

 Springtime is here – Start Now

The time is now to learn how to save time and money. Let our experts teach you how to get organized not only in the home, but in your mind and body as well. When all aspects of your life are organized, you can have the spring that you desire; it is the perfect time for a fresh start. Whether you want to learn how to streamline your shopping, maximize your savings, declutter your home, delcutter your mind or revamp your health, you can learn it all at Meet the Neat II, a spectacular springtime meeting for everyone from all walks of life!

Check out one or two of our panelists below
Jennifer Ford Berry

Emily Parks

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