At NY NOW you’ll never know who you will find, I found Hit Mit

At NY NOW you’ll never know who you will find, I found Hit Mit

Last year when I attended the New York International Gift Fair NYIGF renamed this year to NYNOW market place for home and life style, I bumped into a dear old friend of mine whom I had’t seen for years. His name is Fredi Brodmann and he was at the trade show in NYC at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

It’s funny. I am walking in the area where they have every imaginable game and toy products for family, kids, teenagers, and even pets.
People are all over, shuffling around, very “conventionishly” and as I cut through a lane and make a left I dead stop into a crowd. The isle is blocked by people watching something. That something turns out to be Fredi.

Fredi created with his wife and kids an unbelievably fun and supper cool beach / anywhere paddle ball game. So I am standing on the outskirts and there’s my buddy flipping his hands and doing tricks and flipping the ball to a young volunteer. It was really neat in two ways, first it was a really cool game and second that’s my buddy. We connected and promised to get together asap!

A short time after the show we kept our promise and I went down to Fredi’s house. We hung out for a nice lunch and we kicked it back and caught up on each others lives. Needless to say before I left, I had purchased from him one of his Hit Mit’s for my kids who are now three and four.

We just took our first big family vacation and traveled to Brazil for a relaxing two week escape on the beach. Naturally I grabbed they Hit Mit’s I had gotten and I put them in my suitcase.

Great move. The kids had a blast! The handle was big and yet small enough for each of them. The ball was the perfect weight,It magically never got smacked to far from where we were playing (especially for a Dad who doesn’t want to run that far). Hit Mit gave our whole family an activity on the beach to do together, having fun laughing, and making us all that much healthier with some much needed exercise. It was even great back at the condo while we waited to get ready for dinner.

If you have kids you’ll love it!
If you’re single it’s a great way to make new friends.
If your anti-social you could play it against a wall.

If you’r attending the NY NOW at the Javits Center this year be sure to stop by Fredi’s booth for the Hit Mit. I have no business affiliations with him. Just almost two decades of love. You can find Fredi here

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Hit Mitt being played by kids

Hit Mitt being played by kids


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